I haven’t gone far

… with blogging here. It isn’t that there aren’t any materials – there are plenty of distractions and attractions – there is this recent story that’s been consuming my energy. I literally change into the characters and talk to myself and play scenes in my head. This must mean I am going bananas. Also, there are the mangas I follow – my heart just hurt from all the fangirling! Also, there are other world wide web shenanigans.

The story – is still in its developing stage. Initially, it was a love story, but then tales of murder and deceit and mystery started creeping in my mind, involving my characters and it instantly became an obsession. So the river forked. I regret nothing!

The mangas – well, mostly supernatural, shoujo and shounen mangas. They are fun to read, and I get so involved with the characters to the point that I wonder about them and stuff. Is that good or bad?

WWW shenanigans – my other social networking sites, Google, and news. I basically spend my day working, checking www shenanigans, work, www shenanigans… it’s a cycle.

Basically, my life is not amusing.


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