I have been a fan of the manga Hunter X Hunter since I was 14, and it never fails to fascinate me. More than the fact that I love the characters, the story is amazing.

Gon is a very young kid (12, if I remember correctly) when he met Kaito, a licensed Hunter. Kaito knew his father, who abandoned him when he was still a baby. Gon’s resolve to look for his father grew stronger – and he knew he had to be a Hunter in order to look for his father. So he did apply for the Hunter exams. He met three friends in the course of the exams – Kurapica, Leorio and his best friend, Killua. Kurapica is the only survivor of the Kuruta clan, known for their eyes to change colour to scarlet when feeling a particularly strong emotion, and his reason for being a Hunter is to avenge his clan, and hunt down the members of the Spider Gang. Leorio is a pretty average guy who wants to be a doctor, and he needed the money and the connections, that’s why he took the hunter exams. Killua, on the other hand, is from the family of assassins, the Zoldick family. His only motivation is to test his skills, and of course, the tests were very easy for him, as he was trained under very harsh conditions.

And so their journey began. The Hunter exams took them to exotic places, they met very interesting humans and creatures. They explored themselves – their weaknesses, capabilities, strengths and intelligences. Three of them passed, and one failed, but that did not stop them from achieving their goals – they continued to hone their skills as Hunters. They learned the basics of the Hunter ability known as Nen – is the technique that allows a human being to use and manipulate their own life energy (known as aura). There are six Nen groups – Reinforcement (Gon is here), Transformation (Killua), Emission (Leorio), Materialisation (Kurapica), Manipulation and Specialisation. Killua trained with Gon under Wing-san. This brought them to the Celestial Tower and the epic battle between Gon and Hisoka happened here as well. After this little adventure, they moved on to Greed Island. Greed Island is the famous for Hunters only game – and Gon believed that will lead him to his father, so he and Killua participated in the game. There they met different kinds of hunters – strong, weak, deranged. Killua did not pass his first Hunter exam, (he killed a examinee) so he tried again, and this time he passed, thanks to the all the training Bisuke gave them, he passed and eliminated all the other examinees during the first exam. They succeeded in clearing the game, of course, with the help of their teacher, Bisuke, and other good-hearted Hunters playing in the game. After the Greed Island incident, Gon and Killua decided to come with Kaito and his group of explorers – they are on a search for bizarre and never before found creatures. It was an exciting, happy time – until that unfortunate incident of the Chimera ants who had Nen abilities. They explored so many things in this place – the environment, the enemy, their own selves. They lost the Hunter Association President Netero in this fight. They made so much sacrifices in this battle. They’ve won – but it was hinted that not all is finished. Gon got very ill – he was on the verge of death. But Killua found a way to cure him – he begged her sister, the genius Alluka, to lend her ability (which is to grant ANY wish you’d like) to heal Gon. There were many obstacles in getting hold of Alluka (she was imprisoned in their own home and only listens to Killua) but in the end, they got there. Gon healed. He FINALLY met Ging Freecss, his dad. Gon knew that being a Hunter is a very respectable job, it is a job unlike any other in the world – a job so great that Ging left him to do what he does best. Ging wanted to explore many things, things that the human race has not yet seen nor heard of. He wanted to preserve these discoveries, protect them from harm. He travels far and wide for this sole purpose – discover, learn and protect. What noble way to use the powers he has! And Gon understood all this – that is their ultimate goal in life. To explore.

I guess that is a tad too long introduction for this post about EXPLORING, but it’s the best idea I had – because the manga really is about exploring – your self, your abilities, your strengths and weaknesses, living life on the constant brink of danger of the unknown, also exploring friendships, love, respect, fighting for what you believe in. Living is exploring, this is what I understood from the series. The world has so many things to offer, so why stay stagnant? It may be any kind of exploration – but the point is, never stop exploring or pushing yourself to the limits. How can we know what we can achieve if we don’t try? 🙂

There are worlds I want to go to, things I want to do, people I want to meet – and I know these are all achievable, if I put my mind to it. Of course there will be consequences and sacrifices to be made – but if ultimately, you find yourself, and you find something worth doing for the rest of your life – then is it not worth all the trouble? 🙂

There are loads of adventures I have pegged for myself – write something good and publish it, see it in a film or TV adaptation, go to France, Italy, UK, USA… (lately, I’ve been thinking of adding Brazil here, hehe! Wait, didn’t I just do it?) and not just meet but develop a relationship with the people who I think will have a positive influence on me, stuffs like that.

I will be on my way doing just that. Just a little more push. I know I can be great in my own way. I’ll be an explorer of all things great – there are no small things in this world. 🙂


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