The (Al)lure of Fashion

People have all kinds of thoughts and opinions on fashion. Others revere fashion icons (I do!) and others diss them. Some people say fashion is a trivial thing; others say it is a way of life. Whatever you think about fashion, admit it – it is everywhere. It’s in the very clothes you are wearing right now.

I was quite young when I started looking at fashion as a very creative and fast-paced field. I remember cutting out newspaper clippings featuring fashion collections, memorizing the names of designers, brands, logos, supermodels and I studied the fashion vocabulary. I loved watching Fashion TV, and imitating the ‘walk’ of various runway models while wearing my sister’s heels. I loved looking at high-fashion editorial photos, imagining what’s it like behind-the-scenes.  I admired the hard work and the very hectic backstage shenanigans during Fashion Week. Every collection is a work of art. Yes, fashion is art – can you imagine the thought process involved in every collection? The idea, the sketching, the colour matching, the fabric, the textures, the layers, the pairing, the beading, the sewing, everything! Every model in the runway wears a brainchild of the designer. I try to explain the mood and the feel of each collection, it’s fun and seriously thought-provoking. The people in fashion do not just wear the hottest trends, they create them – and it stirs the world up in a craze.

People in fashion celebrate beauty – and is beauty not the celebratory theme in art? It is their way of expression. You will be amazed by the amount of knowledge you will gain in fashion. I am.

Until now, I follow fashion. The fashion weeks, the collections, the models, the designers. It is an awesome industry, really. The fashion industry has all the right layers, pairings and textures. I hunger for it. It is an industry I feel strongly about. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll make the move from editorial publishing to the fashion industry. Never too late for it, eh?


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