Express yourself


How do you express yourself?

I’ve been looking and reading blogs lately, and it is inspiring to see the things that people share. Some share photos. Others prefer words (like me) in their chosen form – poetry, prose, or a simple diary-like entry. Others post music, theirs or somebody else’s, to describe a feeling, an occurrence, or a thought.

And I wondered – how do I express myself?

I’d like to say with words but often times, I cannot put into words the things I am feeling or thinking about. Not that they are too awesome for words, no, but, it’s like I keep them in – in my mind’s repository, instead of writing them down.

But this is for sure: Sometimes I hide my thoughts, desires, and experiences in works of fiction. To invent things I would love to happen but won’t. And most of the time, they are lonely, tragic, dark stories, because these kind of stories have always fascinated me.

So, see you next time when a mad thought engulfs me.

Until then…


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