Thank you for being a friend…

It is such a bad idea to watch The Golden Girls when you are PMS-ing, worse, when you already have your period.

I just finished watching Season 7, and it felt as if a part of my life has ended too or something. I have been watching the “girls” for years now and no matter how many times I repeat each season, each episode, it just never gets old. I laugh, cry, get mad, and frustrated along with them. To say that the show was brilliantly written and executed is an understatement – it feels damn real.

The last episode was about Blanche setting up Dorothy on a blind date with his uncle, Lucas. Blanche set them up, saying the other is crazy about meeting the other when they really don’t care at all. To kindly return the favor, they played a trick on Blanche and made her believe they were marrying each other. And then the inevitable happened – they fell in love, and Lucas asked Dorothy to marry him for real.

The dilemma was of course, what will happen to the girls? They all had their plans – Rose will move out, Blanche will stay at her house alone, and Sophia will stay with Dorothy (she is her daughter). Seven years of fights, laughter, secrets, cheesecake, as Rose puts it.It is not an easy parting.

The final scenes show Dorothy packing, and Sophia telling her she will not go with her and Lucas. She finally let her go.

Don’t get me started on the good-bye scene of the four of them – the crying, messages – it felt like they were saying goodbye to each other as the real them – Bea, Rue, Betty and Estelle. It was the end of the show, the end of the road. It felt real, that goodbye scene. Saying goodbye to friends. Their tears, their cries – it was more than my heart could take.

Oh look at me babble. But you know, these girls got me through tough times, shared with me lessons, laughs, and an extraordinary friendship I would like to believe exists in the world. They were a family – and it was a beautiful thing.


Thank you for being a friend

Traveled down the road and back again

Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidante

And if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew

You would see the biggest gift would be from me

And the card attached would say

Thank you for being a friend….


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