Poetry from a favourite professor

These poems are all by my favourite Literature professor, Sir Ralph Semino-Galan. Read, visualise, feel them.


In Pilgrim’s Cafe

We drag our bedraggled city spirits
to this mountain retreat of good music
and heavenly company, expecting

to be enchanted by the evening’s fare:
“A Little Night of Broadway.” The singer
croons one soulful tune after another,
his tenor voice strong but silken smooth
like an angel’s wing, transporting us
to the world of Phantom, Les Mis, Cats.

Several songs and a couple of beers later,
we are intoxicated by a deep longing
for a life peppered with rhythm and romance.

My friend, how I wish I can confess
the whole truth! For more than the music
in my ears, the alcohol in my veins,

I am tantalized by your presence
which can easily turn into absence.


In Cafe by the Ruins

Amidst these ruins turned into a cafe
We meet for dinner, two souls yearning 
For completion in the arms of an Other.

Or is it only me, projecting what I want
Like a ventriloquist as most poets are,
Speaking for others, reducing the Beloved

To an extension of the Self, a mirror-image
Reflecting my deepest denials and desires?
Though I have decided to be formidable,

My heart an earthquake-proof fortress
Of fortitude, you have shattered my defenses,
With your radiant eyes, your penetrating smile.


Aren’t these poems super? 🙂


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