This right here is my kind of maze!

aMAZEme Labyrinth: A one of a kind exhibit!




Brazilian artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo used 250, 000 books to create this amazing maze which will be on display until the 25th of August at The Southbank Centre in London, England. 


I would lie down happily on the floor and just smell the air around me.

Just how amazing would it be to be in here? You can look, touch, smell, browse and just revel in the delights of this maze. I am a huge book lover and I read a lot, so this is some sort of a Nirvana for me! 


I’d run around like this, too!


Divine, I tell you.

All the book lovers out there in London, and to all of you wonderful people watching the Olympics, why not drop by and enjoy what this exhibition has to offer? 🙂 

If you’ve been in here, by God, do share your experience! 🙂


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