God Save The Philippines

Outside, the clouds are dark. The hang ominously around, bringing torrential rains. There are the occasional thunderclaps and lightning streaks in the sky. The atmosphere is tense, silent. The sound of the rain is nerve-wracking.

It has been raining non-stop for 10 days now. We’ve had two tropical storm in the past week – their local names are Gener and Helen. The death toll for Gener is currently at 50+. Oh and this non-stop raining since last week is caused my a monsoon. Just that, a monsoon.

The water dams are spilling; all in in critical level. Surrounding areas are flooded – the measurement varies between 3 feet to up to 6 feet. Perhaps more. Some families are staying up in the roof of their houses – with elderly, kids, men, women. Pets, perhaps. Raging flood waters, strong currents. Flash floods have been reported. Buildings flooded, parking areas and malls under murky waters. Metro Manila has been in RED ALERT status since last night. Water continues to rise.

Evacuations have started since yesterday. Emergency boats and vehicles have been sent out. Emergency numbers have been shared. People have been informed of the risks, the things being done, and the things to be done – to ensure everyone’s safety. Rescuers have been working non-stop to rescue the people who direly need saving. People are risking their lives to save others, people volunteer to repack goods, journalists and newspeople stick their necks out to air news we need to know.


Just now, the sound of the rain and the distant voices of the television anchor is all I could hear. My family is safe; but water has entered our home. I fear for them. Just last year, they experienced a very hard and traumatic event – the first floor of our home submerged. Flood water everywhere. They stayed at the second floor of our home, along with two other families they let in. Our veranda became the make shift kitchen, dining, wash area. They didn’t take a bath for days. Clean water was scarce. Livelihood destroyed. When I went home when the flood subsided (I was stuck in Manila), they all looked so haggard, so tired. My dad lost weight and he looked nervous and weary. My heart clenched and constricted inside of me. I cried for my family. I scrubbed the muddy floor and cried.

Lord, please, keep our country safe. Please do not let anymore lives be spent.

God save us. Let’s all keep faith. Please join us in praying for the safety of our loved ones, and our beloved country.


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