Scavenger Hunt (for books!)

Scouting sale bins for books is always a great experience. Sure, I don’t get great stuff all the time, but when I do, oh boy, the purse considerably lightens.

Last Saturday after my Toastmasters meeting duties, I dropped by SM Manila to check out Booksale. Turns out it was SM’s Three-Day Sale, so prices are splendidly cut-back to half, which made shoppers so happy. I didn’t waste time looking around clothing boutiques (God knows I was so tempted!) and proceeded to ransack the book haven.

There were a lot of people outside and inside Booksale – reaching for books at every nook and cranny of the shelves. For the first time in my life, I resented a lot of people inside a book store – ha ha, it made looking for books very hard. After almost two hours of tip-toeing, squatting, dusting, resulting to one of those very bad migraine spells – I found five great books – one was for my sister, Anna.

My buys were:

The Beautiful and Damned – F. Scott Fitzgerald (35 pesos! Ha!) – My first Fitzgerald novel. Who are you to judge me?! Hahaha! I am fascinated by this book – the jazz age, the carelessness of the nouveaux riche, the glamour, the twist. AHHHHH.

Hannibal – Thomas Harris (35 pesos!) – I have seen all the movies but haven’t read any of the books. Perhaps I should have started with Silence of the Lambs but… but…

Farrier’s Lane – Anne Perry (70 pesos) – Oh yeah I love Victorian murder mysteries!  You know, the “beneath-the-respectable-mask-is-a-scandal” type of stories, and Anne Perry sure delivers. I love murder and crime mysteries – my collection is full of them.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty – Anne Rice (145 pesos) – This is my answer to all the 50 Shades madness. The writing style is light but the story, the setting, and the characters surely aren’t. It’s a very unsettling novel, to say the least, and I have read some very bizarre erotica.

From Bahaus to Our House – Tom Wolfe (50 pesos) – This is the book I bought for my sister who is currently taking up Architecture.

My pile of books is mounting up, the to-read list getting longer by the month, and still, time is limited. Rather, I can’t find the time to do all the nothing I want to do.

Well, one day…


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