Yesterday, Nica and I went to the mall to buy hand wraps for our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class. We spent the late afternoon wandering around after we bought ’em, and ended up inside Book Sale (no surprises there). We went through the shelves, sat on the floor, moved the books and looked for ones we’d like to purchase. Well, we made quite a riot inside – we were noisy, but hopefully, people didn’t mind. In between all the book hunting, laughter and crazy antics, Nica came up with an idea that we should at least post a blog entry once a week – perhaps every Monday. And I chimed in, and said that we could do this “counterpart” thing – that whatever she blogs about, I’ll write a fiction counterpart for it. For example, if she wrote something about the rain, I’ll write a fictional story where rain is involved – the setting, the culprit, the clincher, etc., you get the picture. 

I think it’s quite nice. Dunno if it will materialise but… 




5 thoughts on “Counterpart

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    I have written mine already! Yay~~ Shall we start about this next Monday? Haha. I’m worried about writing in non-fiction. It might be boring!

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