Online, offline. Where are you?

Relationships have surged since the introduction of the internet – email pals, chat buddies, long distance lovers, and other types of relationships that people normally have in real (by this I mean personal, face-to-face) life. You’ve Got Mail probably helped hype up these relationships.

I was 14 when my sister introduced me to the wonders of the internet and this thing called chat. I remember we were always in Yahoo! chat rooms then, and I would endlessly talk to people I don’t personally know until the wee hours of the morning. My mom and I fought a lot about that, haha, as not only do I spend a lot of time on it, I also spend a lot of money going online, (hey, I live in a rural area and all we have is a dial-up connection, so I used to splurge on a lot of internet prepaid cards!). It’s exciting for me to talk to people from different places, ages and backgrounds – it’s more flavourful, don’t you agree?

It’s OK to have internet pals, it’s great to have internet pals! You get to learn about a lot of things – the culture and language from where they came from, about their personal lives (at a certain depth) and other interesting things you wouldn’t normally know or understand until you’ve been in that place. It is also fun – you get to see things at various perspectives at once – say for example, the topic is about wines – you get all kinds of feedbacks and reviews on brands and they even tell you what goes great with what! I mean, it is an interactive platform – you get to meet people online, form a certain bond, and the relationship starts from there. Friendships that span distance and time, relationships that end to engagements and marriages. I have met wonderful people via the internet, and do I regret meeting and knowing them? Nah, I keep in touch with a couple, lost touch with some. Some of my internet pals got married and are now proud parents, some of ’em have found love online, others offline. I know a lot of people who kept strong ties with people they met online – and that they have even introduced their families to each other! Isn’t it absolutely wonderful?

Now, email and chat aren’t the only medium we have to socially connect to virtually anybody, any time, anywhere! It has expanded into a lot of different platforms that offer various services! Now you can even form a relationship with famous people and feel closer to them (haha!) via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, WordPress, Blogger, etc. There are a lot of ways to connect to people all over the world and it’s because of this wondrous thing called the internet.

I, for one, wouldn’t mind having an online email pal, or a constant reader over here in my blog. I think it’s wonderful to have friendships – whether online or offline. Friends will be friends – and they’ll outlast anything. Yeah, this internet thing, too. 🙂


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