Skelly Tons

When I am a skeleton
full of bones and holes
Love me still (Oh yes. Will you?)

For I will love you
despite my hideousness
and my brittleness (—crack, crack!)

In the void, while floating nonchalantly into Non-being.

Run a sword through my ribs (heart is not there)
Poke my eye sockets
and kick my shins

Break my leg
Hit my head (skull?) with
a hammer

Put a gun through my mouth
pull the trigger
and blast my skull to pieces. (No brains)

I still would love you.
For I vowed to love you
‘Till I am all dust. (Sorry I’ve got no more flesh)

I’ll take every blow from you.
For this love.
For everything, everything, everything. (Kiss me, caress me one more time).

Hurt does not exist in this state. (Goodbye, senses. Goodbye, life).
I blended in with all the universe,
And I will patiently wait for you here.

When the time comes. Until then.


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