The Metro Station Encounter

In my previous post, I wrote about the importance and perks of having online buddies. This time, allow me to share with you an unusual story of how I met one of my most treasured friends.

Who would have thought?


It was a drizzling night in late September, I was in a bus station. The station was crowded with passengers waiting in line for the bus, the vendors were busy heckling some of them to buy their merchandise – peanuts, bottled water, and doughnuts. To the eyes of everyone around me, it possibly seemed I was not having any difficulty carrying my stuff, – a huge backpack, a monstrous paper bag full of dirty laundry, and a pizza box. Deep inside I was struggling, haha!

Somebody noticed it though, and like Charlie’s voice from a speaker box, he spoke:

“Miss, do you need help with your things?”

I was surprised! I thought chivalry was dead. But I am used to doing things by myself so I answered him back with a “Thank you, but I’m fine.” He repeated his question thrice, and he even suggested I take a seat on one of the benches and he’ll fall in line for me and save me a seat on the bus.

Being the cynic that I was, I knew he was probably after something, and I was right. He took a seat beside me, and he kept giving me looks, he even smiled once. How would you feel about this, you slept and when you opened your eyes a stranger is staring at you? Crazy, huh?

But do you want to hear something crazier?

The bus was slowing down, on to it’s first stop which turned out was their first stop (he was with his grandpa). He stood up and asked me,

“Can I have your number?”

I was shocked! My  number? Why? Here’s the craziest part: I gave it to him. I thought, what the heck, I turn 21 once! (It was the night of my birthday, BTW).

And that started one of the most difficult phases of my life, dear reader. Hahahaha. Let’s just say, relationships almost failed because of that encounter. We did feel something for each other, it was possibly attraction, but it was not love, it was not even lust. It was just the attraction of the moment prolonged by constant communication and silly sweet nothings. At one point in my life, it seemed that cutting him off completely would be the better thing to do. It wasn’t, and I am glad I did not burn the bridges.

It’s almost four years since that incident, and our friendship has progressed since then. He made peace with me, my boyfriend (of six years now, yey! And they’re friends now, too!), we belong in the same photography club, we have a lot of common friends, and we are always there for each other. He also practically introduced himself to my mother, my sisters, my cousins… yes you can say he is very persistent.

Mind you, it wasn’t easy shifting from attraction to friendship but we did it! Last night, we talked about things. He was feeling a little blue, and so I cheered him up. We looked back at those times and we kept laughing (at least I think he was too -it was via Facebook chat, our conversation was full of LOL and HAHAHAHA) about it all. We were young and insane. Oh we talked a great deal about things – like, do we believe in best friends, in soul mates. We both believe that loving somebody is as much choice as it is chance. And he asked if it would be possible to have it all at once: Chance+Choice. I said sure. And he said something that warmed my heart.

Here’s a part of our conversation:

Him: “I know a good example of this Chance+Choice thing.”

Me: “Yeah? What?”

Him: “The way I met this girl…”

Me: “Well specify please. You know a lot of girls.”

Him: “Haha, she became special. It’s not the love love kind of special… but she’s important to me now. [That time] she was carrying a load of stuff and a pizza box.”

Me: “I knew it was me! I just wanted you to say it! Hahahaha!”

Him: “Oh was it you? Kidding!”

It was actually his first time to tell me that I am important to him, and it warmed my heart. I try and be a good friend to all my friends, and in fairness to him, despite his past misbehaviour (hahaha) he is a good friend to me. There was a time in my life when my world was crumbling down on my feet and he took one look at me and he knew I was breaking down,  without me even saying. He took hints on the things I said, and put the pieces together. He was there when I needed him. He shares his life, feelings, time, and (occasional, haha) wisdom with me. You’ll agree when I say that picking a man’s brain is fun – I do that a lot with my boyfriend – but I digress.

We’re OK, we’re fine. We’re good.

We are friends, unusual though it may be on how the friendship started out, but what’s important is we treat each other with respect and kindness. We keep in touch, and he keeps on telling me “you’re the only one I can talk to about this and that…” you must admit, that feels good to hear.

How about you? How did you meet one of your friends? 🙂


3 thoughts on “The Metro Station Encounter

  1. Can I drop HIS name here? Hahaha! I knew you were cooking up a post when you liked and posted comments on my entries earlier! I get ecstatic when you, guys, write something. 😀

    Anyway, I do have friends whom I’ve only met online. Are you familiar with mIRC? That was a long time ago, but we remained friends since. Some of them were UST alumni, too. 🙂

    • No name dropping, please! Hahaha! I am trying to protect his identity. (As if I have a lot of friends I met this way!)

      I have heard of mIRC, was not able to try it out. Oh that’s a good thing, keeping in touch with them! Friends do turn up at the most unusual places at times. 🙂

      • Okay, no name-dropping this time. (But I’m so tempted to do so. Hahaha!)

        Ah, nevermind. That was a long time ago; way before college years. Hahaha! 😀

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