Day 2: Favourite Film


Movie Poster

Yep, my favourite movie of all time is Alfred Hitchcock‘s Psycho. It is the first film in black and white that I have ever loved.

I was about 11 or 12 then, when I first saw this movie on Cinemax, and I immediately fell in love with it. It could be that mysterious house on the hill, or the eccentric (insane!) Norman Bates, or Marion Crane’s dilemma between his lover and the $40, 000 she stole from her employer.

As I got older though, and studied film theory and stuff, I began to understand the movie better, at least that is what I’d like to think. The film presented psychoanalytical points, and it may well be the reason why I got into mystery thrillers in the first place – the reason behind the madness. I also came to understand the brilliant use of elements like light, dark, shadows, water and windows – this movie is full of contextual clues! Add the presentation of “taboo” in the film and you got yourself a really good chiller – that scene where Marion Crane (played by Janet Leigh) was in bed with her lover, with flesh exposure. Other taboo elements in the film were violence, perversion, insanity and crime.

To those of you who have seen Psycho… when you hear Bates Motel, it’s the place to be – or not to be.


Highway… to… your ultimate end.

The manager, of course, is our dearly beloved (chills) Norman Bates (played exceptionally well by Anthony Perkins), who, according to his “mother” wouldn’t even hurt a fly.


Look at his face and tell me otherwise!

Oh and of course… that house on the hill, where Norman and his “mother” lives. 🙂


Going to mother now, are we?

Of course, Psycho is famous for its deadly shower scene – where “mother” stabs poor Marion Crane in the shower.


“…at first it was like…”


“…and then I was like!”

A few additional (technical) notes on Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece:

The shower scene – The chilling scene has been called “a masterpiece within a masterpiece”: 78 pieces of film perfectly edited into a 45-second sequence featuring the piercing shriek of Bernard Herrmann’s violin. It’s become a staple of film classes, watching the scene over and over, terrified and fascinated as Anthony Perkins’ character, Norman Bates, wearing a dress and wig, his face obscured, repeatedly stabs the hapless and helpless Marion Crane. (via retrochick)

And for more information on the film, you may always visit the reliable Wikipedia! 🙂

To view some of Mr. Hitchcock’s other works, feel free to visit these sites:

Hitchcock TV

Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

I am such an Alfred Hitchcock fan that I have watched most of his movies, bought the Mystery Magazines and watched “Alfred Hitchcock Presents.” :))))

Meanwhile, enjoy Psycho, and do not shower alone.


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