Day 6: A moment you wish you could relive

It is not advisable to mess with time. Countless books and films have shown the risks and terrible consequences of meddling with time, but still, factors like temptation, guilt and curiosity triumph over the obvious danger, and so we turn back time.

If there is one moment in my life I wish to relive… it would probably that moment that started that useless, rebellious streak in me. Why? Because it would save my family and I a lot of heartbreak, pain, darkness and sadness. To be the quintessential good daughter, and tweak that moment into a ‘good girl’ one – then I guess all would be right in me. In my family and relationships. In the world.

It is not specific, as it is very hard to recall that particular moment when I started drifting away… but it started somewhere, and to go back to that moment, albeit scary, would re-do some (perhaps, all) of the wrongness we have all seen.

Ah, youth, I felt brave, reckless, indestructible and misunderstood. How wrong I was. How very wrong.

But time is a friend, and while I am in the present… it is best to strive and be better. So that when I look back at my life, I’d be able to say that not all of it was ill-spent.


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