Day 7: Five things I couldn’t possibly live without

Lists! Somehow, this challenge makes me feel all Cast Away-ish, because of the premise things I couldn’t possibly live without. Let’s set the scene:

I am in wonderful luxury ship, in a Black Sea & Mediterranean cruise. We’ve just been to Greece and are now off to Turkey, the land of vibrancy, where East meets West. The weather is nice; in fact, too nice, then the gulls started flying away, moving away in an eerie, unconventional way. Suddenly, an announcement from the captain reverberated through the ship’s speakers: There seems to be a slight weather disturbance and until it clears away, we were advised to stay inside and make use of the indoor recreational facilities. We scrambled inside, but none of us seemed too anxious about it. After all, the weather is nice and crisp. The guests chatted loudly as we all made our way inside.

I went inside my state room and decided to change for dinner. After some time, I went to the dining hall and already a lot of people are enjoying their sumptuous meal. Without waiting for another minute, I sat and ordered. I asked for a glass of water first, because suddenly I was so thirsty.

Dinnertime passed by without any event at all. Considering it a foolish prediction, most people continued on jovially to the ball room for dancing. I, however, went back inside my state room to read. I picked up a copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby – too fitting for the state of affairs in this ship. Party, dancing, merriment, overindulgence. Finally, around 10:30 that night, sleep claimed me.

I woke up to loud noises and violent rocking of the ship. Panic and nausea hit me – I sat on the corner of my room, grabbed whatever I can and held on to it. Knowing that this could be the end of everything, I closed my eyes and prayed.

The next thing I know, I was thrown aside by a really nasty bump, and felt no more.

I woke up next morning, shaking. The ship sank, people died, and miraculously I washed up on some mysterious island, with a couple of travelling bags and a wooden crate strewn across the shore. I stood up, looked around me for possible survivors, but as far as my eyes can reach, there is none. Instinctively, I grabbed the bags nearby and dragged them around until I found a small cave that could be a temporary shelter. Praying that there are no wild things in there, I stepped in.

One bag contained books and clothes, soaked and salty – but once dried, could be used. The crate contained some form of food – fruits, some chips and cookies, and bottles of water, at this point I thought, who keeps these things together in a crate? But thanked the person silently anyway – if not for his or her luggage I wouldn’t have anything to feed on.

When the rain let up, I decided to walk around the shore in search of a companion, and other things to scavenge. Thankfully, the island has a lot of coconut trees – guess I’d feed on this for the rest of my stay here. Upon reaching the far end of the island, I heard some music, and my heart thumped wildly on my chest, thinking, somebody is here!
But all I found is a small music box, wrapped in plastic. It was playing Fur Elise. I kicked it to sea and immediately regretted the idea.

Heartbroken, in despair and extremely tired, I went back inside the cave… to find somebody kneeling on the floor of the cave,  rummaging through my things.


We’ll have to end the story in there. Haha.
From the short and silly story, can you tell the five things I could not live without? 🙂


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