Day 1O: A Photo of You Taken Over Ten Years Ago

High school was a hard and very awkward phase of my life. It was that time when I was not a child any more but neither was I an adult. I struggled with looking presentable, with petty issues with crushes, with a couple of guys who had a crush on me. I was awkward at social gatherings and spent most of my free time in the library, reading Hardy Boys Mysteries. Forming and keeping relationships were a challenge – but those days were fun, filled with lasting memories.

However, anybody going through an awkward phase have those terrible, ugly photos that somehow circulated, and at the time, thought we looked great in them.

Here are some of my awkward teenage days photos. Enjoy. :))


Bottom row, middle – that’s me wearing a necklace. I was 15 here.


I attended St. Mary’s Academy, and there’s me on the rightmost side of the photo. UGH.


With my High school friends! 🙂 Can you tell where I am? HAHA!

Boy am I glad that awkward phase is now over! 🙂


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