Here I am,

Groping for words, trying to

Paint a picture of you –

Your eyes that express the emotions

I know so well. They are the windows

which show me the light, the dark

and shadows of your heart.

Your lips are the fountain from which

I drink; they leave me thirstier than ever,

craving for the slightest feel and taste.

Your rare, childish grins,

and the loud, contagious laughter.

Your arms that wrap around me,

to keep me warm, to keep me close.

Those strong hands that close

With mine, the same hands that nourish me,

Serve me, holds a book, touch my soul.

Your feet that carry you to me – whenever,


Still, here I am, seeing you clearly in my mind,

my heart expanding and my soul roaring alive.

You, ever rugged-looking, but gentle, childlike, even –

You, forever in me

the earth and sky, my universe.


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