Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure

Guilty pleasure. These two words joined together makes me think of decadence, it sounds so velvety smooth, so rich, so luscious! But the first guilty pleasure that most of us could think of is gastronomically inclined, and I have a lot of those, but there is one I can never be without.


Oh God. The feels.


I am a huge coffee fan, coffee drinker, what-have-yous – my day has not started yet if I haven’t had a cup of a steaming cup of goodness, because you can’t get shit done without it – perhaps this is the real reason why the whole world is dotted with cafes.

I have been drinking coffee since I was a child. I don’t exactly remember what drew me to it instead of milk and chocolate drink, (might be the culprit for my doomed growth spurt!) but before I knew it, it’s my choice of morning beverage. There was a time when I consumed 4-6 cups of coffee a day, but lately I reduced it to three. Depends, really. 🙂

I’m no coffee connoisseur, but hand me a good cup of coffee and we’re now bosom buddies. Oh and incidentally, a good, informative poster from The Oatmeal.


Seems legit.

Oh and, because these are funny:




Enjoy your cup of coffee! 🙂


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