Pop-up song

So, earlier today while doing my usual morning routine, a song suddenly popped into my head. Now, I haven’t heard that song since I was 15 and for it to resonate in my subconscious abruptly like that is cause for, well, nostalgia. I found myself laughing and singing the entire chorus! Yes, the song used to be one of my favourites back then.

If you are able, give it a listen.

I’ll Meet You There – Simple Plan

You’re gone away
I’m left alone
A part of me is gone
And I’m not moving on
So wait for me
I know the day will come

I’ll meet you there
No matter where life takes me to
I’ll meet you there
And even if I need you here
I’ll meet you there

Yeah, I know, Simple Plan – but hey, I was 15, awkward, preppy and I listened to a lot of radio so sue me. But really, this is one of their good (if not their best) song ever. 🙂


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