All Ye Secretkeepers


Sssshhh! Can you keep a secret?

I’m afraid I cannot hide it anymore –
It’s building up, stone by stone.

To you whom I keep an unknown,
Burning passion – as revolting
Though it might be, and as taboo as can be
I desire your hands around me

To you whom I ardently hate
With your unsightly face and
Unreliable brain
One day I shall let you know –
But for now I’d bother with a poem

And you who dislike me,
Or loathe or whatever
This I say to you:
Suck it!

You who loves me,
Do you really? How do I know?
Have I been passing in your life
for far too long?

You whom I love greatly, in this life
And the after life
Please love me back as fiercely

A secret desire to dominate
A secret desire to be submissive,
Deep, dark secrets
Snaking in, as sinister as the Amazon

We are all pretentious humans
We can never be true enough
Want a secret? I’ll tell you one!
A secret is something you can never keep
So spit it out and let’s hear it!

Try as you may to hide one,
It leaks out of you – through your eyes,
Movements, jumbled words, and in poems
Without you knowing!

An angel and devil incarnate,
As honest as a liar can get,
Ssshhh! Can you keep a secret?
I’m afraid I’ll expose them as well as myself —

  • A Liar (

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