Day 15: A Person You Admire

Avelina Pecson-Roman vda. de Sula. 

She is the person I admire, and she is my grandmother. 

My grandfather died of a heart attack when my father was just a teenager, and my grandmother was left to raise her four children all by herself. She put them all through college, while taking care of her siblings and cousins children as well. She worked all kinds of odd jobs to sustain their needs, she worked hard to give them a decent living. 

She was a very beautiful, strong, caring and wise woman. I have been fortunate enough to be under her care too, if for a time, during my childhood. She always smiled, and I loved the way she kept her hair up in a bun without using hair bands or bobby pins. I loved her black lace veils. I loved her cooking. I loved her garden filled with sampaguita shrubs and fruit-bearing trees. I loved it when she insisted she was the most beautiful among us, which was the truth. She loved all her children very much, especially my Father, who has inherited all her noble traits. She loved her grandchildren a lot, too.

She was taken away from us July 1st, 2007. It broke all our hearts; and to this day, I cry at the thought that she is gone. 

We love you, La, and we always will. 

See you there. 


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