It Is Not A Little Thing!

This feeling has been with us ever since, but expressing it is harder than anything else. It is a great, abstract mystery that captures us, and when it does, it captures us good. We yearn for it, we live for it.

So vast is it that since the Creation we humans have different ways of manifesting it through actions and words. When it exists, ideally, all evil must be forgotten. But we are humans, festered with limitations, that what we associate with great things, we associate with terrible ones too, like jealousy, envy, lust and greed.

So complex it is that we let go and risk it all for it, all human tendencies for pain abandoned. Ideally again, it should not feel pain. But as we are humans, imperfect, we hurt when it is not reciprocated in the way we think it ought to be. For who wants to be ignored?

So mysterious it is that it has been a topic for discussion since forever. Who knows when it started? Who knows how it was created? Was it even created? Was it there suspended in the universe just waiting for us to finally experience it? How did it begin? All we know is that, we are directed to it by an invisible force – and what force it is, we do not even know where it comes from. We could ask a thousand questions about it, and double the number without arriving at a concrete answer.

So powerful it is that it conquers boundaries. It makes us work to our capacity; actually it makes us expand ourselves to stellar proportions that we are not aware we are capable of, if not for it.

I am of course, talking about love.

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Imperfect though we humans are, we are given with faculties, to equip and express ourselves when the time comes that we experience it. There is no way to describe and say love than the word LOVE itself.

We share, talk, laugh, cry, scream, shout, dance, sing, and write. Or we stay silent sometimes, when we feel love in the quiet, and when our hearts and souls do the talking. It is a most beautiful union of souls and hearts. Our bodies cannot contain a force that much unless we share it. We cry at the sheer thought of loving and being loved in return.

That’s why when it is destroyed, a violation so severe is done – to destroy something so sacred is a sin. Not a mortal sin perhaps, no. But a sin against yourself and your nature – for who is truly happy when he or she realizes that love has been in some way, destroyed, especially between two people, or among ourselves? That’s why betrayal is a word as poisonous as it sounds. Destroying love, without us realizing it sometimes, is self-destruction.
When we love we live and let love. We let go wholeheartedly. We understand, we unite but not possess.

We do our best to keep it, but it is never really lost. We just have to realize that we will always have it, and knowing that, it will flow out of us naturally, and it won’t seem like tedious work – it will be as natural as breathing.

Hurting, is it really a part of loving? To this I can only give my opinion, but hurt and pain can be overcome. Love. It is the answer. It heals.

It makes us strong, beautiful, and unique people. We should remember that love always works toward the greater good. The choices we make, the sacrifices along the way, we do it with a smile on our faces and while holding hands.

So let’s love. It cannot be contained, categorized maybe, we have done that already. Love for family, friends, spouse, children, and lover. But love in its purest sense, is just love.

(For my loved ones. Especially for my Justin – in between all of the ways and words I have expressed my love for you, the simple truth resides in me, that I love you.)


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