“It’s Over” Day by any other name

And so we meet again.
It was ordinary —
until everything started to come back to me.

The way you were – or are?
That silly humor, that schoolboy grin
and the sweetest words ever
that could charm the hard-hearted one

Just a boy, an ordinary boy. (Oh?)

Long nights and even longer conversations
Sometimes with beer, sometimes with vodka
If we have nothing to quench our thirst
At least we get something to smoke

Laughter and grins and greens (if you know what I mean)
The vivid reds and pale blues
All the hues of the color spectrum
You said you see in my eyes and smile

It is everyday that you find
what you are looking for
But not everyday you get to own it
It just passes by

To make you see, feel, hear and
experience it, something bigger than you
bigger than me, despite Time, Distance,
Space, oceans, deserts, sharks,
Crocodiles, jellyfishes and all other shit

That keeps us apart.
And will keep us apart.
Forever and ever and ever
‘Til death we’re apart.

And yes this all came back to me!
So how come you act all so amnesia-ish?


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