Day 22: A Website

Oh wow, this is tough.

I visit a lot of websites and keep a lot of personal ones, but my favourite would have to be Tumblr for various reasons. Now according to (UNOFFICIAL, but official to Tumblr users, sort of) a silent, unwritten consensus, we do not talk about Tumblr outside, we do not explain what it is, what is happening, or what we do in there but for the sake of this post, I shall break that rule. (Please, don’t expel me from Tumblr University!!)

I am largely entertained by the bloggers there. You have all sorts of blogs that blog/reblog things, everything, and I mean everything – music, photography, illustrations, geography, science, math, designs, fashion, celebrities, history,  poetry, books, films, news, everyday shenanigans and anything that tickles your fancy – it is I believe the all-in-one website. EVER.

We even have our own language. If you understand how asdkjasfkljhsgl feels, then you are probably from Tumblr. We also have “I can’t even”, “right in the fels/pheels” or simply “the feels”, “I ship,” “OTP”, “shippers”, “what is air”, and others. No words are needed when we put GIFs on posts – they are both hilarious and the bridge every gap imaginable.

There are also loads of fanboy/fangirl moments – especially when you love something so much – the more popular ones on Tumblr are Harry Potter, The Avengers, Titanic, and (insert your other OTP, ship, or obsession here).

Tumblr people are also very humorous! There are innumerable funny posts in there. Everybody is game for fun times, oh but don’t think that Tumblr users are unintelligent – you’ll be amazed at the intensity and number of debates, opinions and editorials released on Tumblr everyday – it may be a response to a post, a news item, a world event, a literary work, etc. There is no lack of wit, wisdom and intelligence in this site.

It’s like a condensed form of the whole world wide web.

Plus, we have a handsome, nerdy daddy in the form of David Karp, the Tumblr CEO and founder.

Try it out -post, follow blogs, reblog and join in on commenting – you’ll be surprised. 🙂





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