Day 28: A Scar you have and its story

This huge, ugly scar on my knee is a constant reminder of how I enjoyed my legs and childhood so much.

My cousins and I used to play and run around a lot, and an active kid is bound to get a scar or two sometime. It’s what happened to me. I was running in full tilt when I tripped over something and bam! I stood up and my knee was bleeding profusely because the cut was a deep one.

I remembered my cousins teasing me about it, they said the wound should be cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent infection and to prevent a train or an air plane from coming out of my wound.

Yes, silly isn’t it? A train coming out of your bleeding wound.

It sounded painful and horrific that I howled while cleaning the wound.

It hurt like hell! But I was relieved all together when it has been patched-up; trains and air planes can’t get through a healing wound for sure.


4 thoughts on “Day 28: A Scar you have and its story

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Funny! I don’t know which is scarier (and crazier?) though. My parents and old relatives scare us of a priest (a priest!) going out of an unclean wound.

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