The Human and The Myth

I really wanted to write about you.
But all I managed to come up with
are fragments, and sentences
with loose ends.

I guess words don’t work
to a magic like yours. 
No words, simple or
elegant enough
can ever describe your

smouldering eyes, pouting lips
your breath on my face
or your outright

no words
no words
i’m out of words
out of

i’m an idiot
and you, you glitter like gold
like a god, like you belong
in Mount Olympus

and I, a mere human
wanting and yet frightened
to be touched

because i’m afraid
to turn
into a bat 
or a sack of bones

you are just too much 
too much


or are you from 
Mount Vesuvius instead?
you set me on fire

and then you bury me
bury me

in ash and lava
and rocks and black stuff

and you, you stand there
almighty and proud

and i, i lay forgotten

oh i’ll love to take you with me



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