Have you…?

Well, have you?

Well, have you?

They are times when I dream of the same dream over and over again and while dreaming it’s as if I am conscious, that I am aware I have had that dream before, several times I have altered the ending. Isn’t it wonderful? There are times when I am able to continue an interrupted dream. My dreams range from the mundane to the sublime. They have varied genres – sometimes it’s horror, crime, existential, happy, sad, heartbreaking, downright weird, sexual (probably one of the very frustrating, if not THE MOST frustrating, hahaha) and my dreams often involve weird people – people I do not personally know (but in the dream it appears I do), I dream a lot about a particular friend that it starts to bother me. I have had dreams with celebrities, politicians, even monsters in them. I hate dreams with snakes snapping at my heels malevolently. More so, I hate dreams about death of somebody close to me.

When I wake up after a good dream, it leaves me feeling so empty. It’s as if right at that moment that dream was my reality only to be taken away by waking up. Especially after a really good, happy dream – you know the feeling you could just live in that dream forever? Yeah.
The possibilities of dreams are infinite. It varies, sometimes you get a dream within a dream, sometimes the scenes shift rapidly, moving on with a speed of light to a new one. Sometimes it’s bizarre and wind-up as a kaleidoscope.

The ones I remember, I treasure.

For sure, there are psychological or even a scientific explanations for all these dreams, but right now, all I want is to wonder. I don’t want interpretations of how I am possibly oversexed, crazy, loony, and what nots those shrinks call ’em.

Perhaps dreams were made so they could provoke us, viewed in the privacy of our half-dead state.


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