I am a tax payer and proud of it!

Yesterday while browsing through my Twitter feed, I came upon a tweet from somebody I follow, Professional Heckler, a tweet about pay slips and taxes.

Professional Heckler: Pay slips are a reminder that I’m an honest taxpayer of the Republic. HONEST. And I’m proud of that.”

It was of course, an instant retweet! I started working in 2008 and the next thing that I felt proud of after getting the job is the fact that I am now a taxpayer, an honest taxpayer who pays her dues to the government. It is a very rewarding feeling, don’t you think? 🙂

My eldest sister read that tweet and replied:

“I salute people like you, I will always be grateful, taxpayers supported my education. Our 3 sisters too! & million others!”

Isn’t that a nice feeling? As a taxpayer you are reassured that your taxes actually reach beneficiaries. And these beneficiaries are actually grateful. No matter how big or small your tax cut is, there are actual people who benefit from it. Of course, other people use the taxpayers money for their own gain, may God have mercy on their soul – but still, I am hopeful that the time will come that the hard earned money we give the government make its way to more people, in more ways, big or small.


My sisters, all four of them, are State University babies. 🙂 Three of them are still students, I assure you taxpayer that they make good use of your money because they study so hard, they excel, and actually contribute to the betterment of mankind. If they don’t continue to be good citizens, you’ll be rest-assured I’ll whack them. Hard.)


5 thoughts on “I am a tax payer and proud of it!

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    I am a proud taxpayer! However, my corrupted mind can’t fail but to note this: There are a lot of honest taxpayers, but there are also dishonest companies existing today. Taxes were discounted from employees’ salary only to be delivered to the owners’ pockets. What a shame.

    • That is true! I have heard of that scheme before as well.

      What is the world coming on to, eh? Tsk. Money. It brings more problems than it does solutions sometimes.

      • 최다해 gongjumonica says:

        Yes, that is true. Imagine those employees who work hard everyday only to be stolen by those selfish employers.

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