Nostalgia Intensity

We know that nostalgia is that sentimental longing for the past, most especially for a time, event or a place with happy associations.

Nostalgia Intensity, because more often than not, these nostalgic intervals crash over us with frightening intensity, it demands to be felt. It is true that memories are there to keep us warm, to remind us that there are happy things and people in life that make this journey worth taking, but these memories also evoke a certain shade of sadness within us. Admit it, once or twice you found yourself reliving a part of the past with tenderness and melancholy, knowing that it will never happen again, not with the same person, in the same place, or in the same event. The intensity of the knowledge that all is lost gives us pain, a heartache of sorts. It is like coming home to nothing but ghosts.

And the intensity of the nostalgia can only be found inside our hearts, reflected in our eyes and little smiles.

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