I Dreamed A Dream

“…I dreamed a dream in time gone by…”

Dear Readers, if you have been following my blog for a while, you might have read some of my blog posts about my crazy dreams. Well! I just had one last night (or maybe early morning, I’m not certain) and in it are my super model crush, a friend of his, and yours truly.

This is the second time MT has invaded (hm?) my dreams. Let’s say the first one was intense in all sense of the word, (with Naomi Campbell and Tyrese in there!) but this second one is like… a rom-com. It’s so weird but I woke up feeling like I was in cloud nine.

Okay, the dream…

The dream was coloured. But the colours are sort of treated in “lomo” and so there are all sorts of hues of blues, and greens, and yellows… and there we were, the three of us, standing at the edge of a place that looks like a wharf, the breeze gently caressing us while looking over boats coming and going, with people going about their own businesses. I can see MT’s glorious curls dancing with the wind, his profile so gorgeous it took my breath away. At that moment he looked so carefree and happy – almost childlike in its innocence. (I vividly remember that part.)

MT’s friend, who we will call FL, is a friend of mine – he introduced me to MT. It was a trip somewhere, and he tagged along MT. We were just standing there, enjoying a quiet time when FL suddenly invited me over to New York to visit them. He added that I should stay with them. In the dream, my mind was already racing through my schedule and then suddenly I announced that I will be able to go on the last week of July or first week of August, because I have an impending trip to the UK for two weeks. Glad that I said yes, they both smiled encouragingly at me. Need I say that the urgency to say yes was because of the attraction I apparently have for MT?

And then I could not remember the other parts of the dream other than a lot of adventure to places that never looked like New York. Try Australia. And then it was a daze – a happy, warm, wonderful kind. There was this scene wherein we were both at a vast field in a sunny day and cool breeze and we were like two kids above a huge woven ball made of rattan and we roll it by running above it and we were just so happy. I fell of mine (imagine the kind of fall in Disney movies, the cute kind) we both laughed and he sort of jumped off the ball and I did too – we flipped backwards and landed on our feet. And like a Disney movie, we were face to face just smiling and holding hands.

“…But there are dreams that cannot be…”

I don’t remember much after that other than a magical montage of our happy faces. It’s so weird. When I woke up, I was smiling – saw my face on the mirror opposite me.

It was wonderful. There was no sad feeling when I realised it was a dream – just that for a couple of minutes, while I was asleep (half-dead state), I was in heaven. That dream just made my day. I could still feel him, still see his wonderful smiling face and those damn eyes that makes you forget your name…

(Okay, this sounds totally psychotic and maybe it is, but the point is it was a dream. And all dreams are stories. And stories have to be told. I want to write this for me, for my sake, not for anybody else. If somebody finds this okay, good – if somebody finds this totally tasteless and nonsense, I don’t give a flying fuck.)


Have you…?

Well, have you?

Well, have you?

They are times when I dream of the same dream over and over again and while dreaming it’s as if I am conscious, that I am aware I have had that dream before, several times I have altered the ending. Isn’t it wonderful? There are times when I am able to continue an interrupted dream. My dreams range from the mundane to the sublime. They have varied genres – sometimes it’s horror, crime, existential, happy, sad, heartbreaking, downright weird, sexual (probably one of the very frustrating, if not THE MOST frustrating, hahaha) and my dreams often involve weird people – people I do not personally know (but in the dream it appears I do), I dream a lot about a particular friend that it starts to bother me. I have had dreams with celebrities, politicians, even monsters in them. I hate dreams with snakes snapping at my heels malevolently. More so, I hate dreams about death of somebody close to me.

When I wake up after a good dream, it leaves me feeling so empty. It’s as if right at that moment that dream was my reality only to be taken away by waking up. Especially after a really good, happy dream – you know the feeling you could just live in that dream forever? Yeah.
The possibilities of dreams are infinite. It varies, sometimes you get a dream within a dream, sometimes the scenes shift rapidly, moving on with a speed of light to a new one. Sometimes it’s bizarre and wind-up as a kaleidoscope.

The ones I remember, I treasure.

For sure, there are psychological or even a scientific explanations for all these dreams, but right now, all I want is to wonder. I don’t want interpretations of how I am possibly oversexed, crazy, loony, and what nots those shrinks call ’em.

Perhaps dreams were made so they could provoke us, viewed in the privacy of our half-dead state.

Yoohoo, vampire, chase me!

I had one of those weird dreams again, this time, being chased by the most popular vampire of of this century. No clue? Another hint. He’s British and was once killed in a movie for being a “spare.”

All right. You know the guy. Now let me talk about the dream. Let’s pretend you are watching a movie.



I am with my cousin, and we’re running, she’s holding my hand, dragging me to go faster. We’re running towards anywhere – just to escape this vampire whom I am deeply in love with, (in the dream! OK?), this man who is also fiercely in love with me. I am running away from him because mortals and the un-dead just can’t be together. So we run, through roads leading to dirt paths and forests and streams. Sunlight everywhere.


We sought temporary shelter from a stranger’s house. The woman was kind enough to let us in, but she kept looking over her shoulders anxiously while washing the plates. We stood there, our backs on the door, panting, our senses heightened with the fear of being caught. When we felt him getting closer, we started running away again.


He’s looking everywhere, the frustration’s building up. He can’t understand why I am running away or why we shouldn’t be together. He’s been looking everywhere, and every time he gets near, we run away again. He questions all my cousins, friends, and family on my whereabouts – they all answer the same thing – they don’t know. He moved faster, ran faster – only a blur from a human’s naked eyes.



Sarah! I just can’t run anymore! Drag me, I don’t care, just run and drag me…


What do you think I’m doing? Stop looking behind you as if he is going to appear any minute! Let’s go! Run!

We continued to run, and we came into a dead end – the only way we can escape the place is to run up – a very steep road up ahead.


I can’t do it! I can’t! I am so tired!


You have to! Remember why we’re running away!

And she was right. I have to remember. But my legs won’t move.


He can feel us near. Finally! He feels elated; nervous and fearful all at the same time. What if I say NO again?

Sarah is urging me to just go and try to take another step up – but my body won’t move. I can feel him. He is very, very close by.

Finally – he was there, a few feet away, standing, facing us. Sarah threw her hands up in frustration – she knew there is nothing she can do now.

He approached me. He is so near, and I feel so weak from all the running. Hey, I am a human after all – my physical endurance is low and definitely has an end point.

He was looking at me with those amber eyes, he looks happy that he caught up with me, that finally, we are together again. There’s hunger and relief plastered on his face. All I could do was stare back.

He touched me lightly.

My knees buckled and everything went black.


That was my dream. It was pretty funny! Don’t you think? I am not a fan of the “movie series” of this said vampire, I haven’t even watched the films, so it’s such a puzzle to me why I even dreamt of him. When I woke up, I was like “so that’s how it feels to be chased around by a gorgeous vampire.” I can only assume that when everything went black, we eventually ended up together and my cousin hates me for the rest of her life for having her run with me only to fail the mission.

It really is a weird, but oddly gratifying dream. It was the chase; it’s always the chase that counts.